Who is this Lincoln guy? (about the author)

A bit about me...
 - I am an American born and raised in the Pacific Northwest
 - I am 6'5"
 - I come from a large family
 - I recently graduated from college (May 2010)
 - I am a Christian
 - I enjoy juggling, running, playing guitar, swimming, water polo, frisbee, basketball, (sports in general), swing dancing, camping/backpacking, having adventures outside, thinking about things, reading thought-provoking books, talking with good friends, etc...
 - Why am I writing a blog?
Well, it's something to do with my time.  Not that I have an overabundance of it, but I would like to get my thoughts out in writing.  I hope that I don't write anything too rash, but I don't want to say nothing either.  Either way, take what you read for what it is - the blogging of a young, often opinionated, sometimes unsure, and a bit proud (at least proud enough to think that anyone will ever read this).  OK, so read my posts already.