Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lincoln Logs Is Coming to Town

Here is a parody of the famous Christmas tune "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town." Enjoy and be sure not to take me too seriously. Seriously.

Here are the lyrics:
You better watch out
You better lose weight
You better get slim
Before it’s too late
Lincoln Logs is coming to town

He likes to eat kids
When they’re nice and tender
So get real slim
And get real slender
Lincoln Logs is coming to town

He knows which cuts are juicy
And which parts are real soft
He’ll eat you when you’re sleeping
Even if you’re in the loft

So eat all your veggies
That’s the smart thing to do
You can forget all those treats
Or he’ll be comin’ for you
Lincoln Logs is coming to town


  1. haha, you are ridiculous. i love that you used to sing this to your swim lesson kids. they really didn't know whether to take you seriously or not.

  2. Lincoln, I think this counts as genius. Silly AND creative... Nice stuff!

  3. Also, WHAT IS WITH the pink headband/headdress? I'm not feeling it. Well, I guess I sort of am. But, really?