Monday, May 10, 2010

McConnells Mill

Hey there folks,

[NOTE: I'm including a couple of pictures in this post - hopefully this visual element will provide some exciting stimulation. I took the pictures with my cell phone camera.]

So I finished finals! For a bit of a celebration, two of my friends and I decided to head out to the woods. We spent an afternoon at McConnells Mill State Park yesterday for a few hours of hiking, rock scrambling, cave-exploring, and overall nature appreciation. It was great. There are some really cool rocks, a sweet creek, and some small caves.
Oh the beauty of God's creation! I love exploring, and simply being outside to enjoy the great outdoors.

Being out in such a beautiful place also reminded me of my desire to build a log cabin. Maybe it's because I was named after the famed log-cabin-builder Abraham Lincoln, or perhaps it's genetic, but I have a very strong desire to build myself a log cabin. I was continually analyzing the landscape with log cabin possibilities in mind.

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